SO Subcontinent Sweet Potato Soup

Subcontinent Sweet Potato Soup


1 lb.  Louisiana shrimp, freshly peeled, reserve shells & heads
2  tbs butter
2  tbs flour
1  40 oz can of Sweet Potatoes, drained
1  med onion
1  med bell pepper
2  stalks celery
2  cups shrimp stock
1  (13.5 ounce) can of coconut millk
2  limes
3  bay leaves
1  tbs mild curry powder
2  tsp salt
1/2  tsp ground ginger
1/2  tsp cayenne pepper
1/2  tsp white pepper
1/4   tsp fresh ground nutmeg
1  tsp red pepper flakes
1  tbs creole seasoning


Peel and de-vein shrimp, season with creole seasoning and curry powder. Take reserved heads and shells, with onion root and top, celery bottoms and leaves, and pepper top with 1 tsp salt and boil in 2 quarts water for stock. Melt butter on medium high in 6 quart dutch oven, add diced onion, celery, and bell pepper with 1 tsp salt until soft. Add flour and stir until saturated and stir constantly for 1 to 2 minutes, add coconut milk after shaking vigorously. Stir until slightly thickened. Drain sweet potatoes and mash slightly, add to oven and stir until combined. Using a stick blender, blend until uniform and fairly smooth. Add 1 cup shrimp stock, and stir until slightly thinned. Add the zest of 1/2 lime, and the juice of 2 limes. Add bay leaves, ginger, nutmeg, pepper flakes, cayenne and white pepper, Add shrimp and turn heat down to simmer, cook for 5-7 minutes If thinner soup is desired, add more stock 1/2 cup at a time until proper consistency is achieved. Serve garnished with green onion and lime wedge. Credits: Drue Deshotels

Serving Size: 8-10