Desserts 11


Yam Cupcakes with Orange Buttercream Icing

The orange buttercream is the perfect addition to the yam cake! View Recipe

Yam Chocolate Spice Bars

One bite of this incredible fall favorite made with a spice cake mix, yam filling and chocolate chips was a taste sensation. Everyone requested this recipe. Good use for leftover cooked sweet potatoes. View Recipe

Yam Pecan Pie in Ginger Snap Crust

Why choose between pecan or sweet potato pie when you can have both? View Recipe

Yam Trifle

The perfect dessert to make when you want something that provides both great taste and a healthier edge. View Recipe

Yummy Yam Praline Coffee Cake

This melt-in-your mouth coffee cake starts with biscuit baking mix. View Recipe

Yummy Yammy Face

A delicious pie the kids will enjoy making with you. View Recipe

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