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Maple Yogurt Dip

A maple flavored dip recipe to serve with Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs. View Recipe


Mole Spicy Ketchup

A ketchup dip recipe takes on a mole flavor influence with the addition of chili powder and cocoa. View Recipe

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Sesame Soy Ketchup

A ketchup recipe with an Asian flavor influence from soy sauce, sesame and cilantro, if desired. View Recipe


Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce

A dipping sauce recipe with Sriracha sauce to serve with sweet potato fries. View Recipe

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas 

The mixture of naturally sweet yams, southwestern seasonings, cheese and black beans topped with a light green enchilada sauce is hard to beat. View Recipe


Spicy Sweet Potato Chips with Vidalia Onion Dip

The perfect chips and dip recipe! View Recipe

Sweet Potato and Country Ham Sliders

Make these sliders for your next tailgate party. View Recipe

Sweet Potato Cakes with Apple-Parmesan Slaw

A delicious way to turn a vegetable into a multi-dimensional appetizer. View Recipe

Sweet Potato Caramelized Onion Black Bean Quesadillas

Try these quesadillas with peach salsa for a twist on the Mexican favorite. View Recipe

Sweet Potato Crunchies

Coated with crushed corn flakes with a hint if cinnamon in each bite. View Recipe

Yam Dip

Serve this dip chilled with fresh vegetables. View Recipe

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